my little family

Brian caught my eye from across the room just two years ago and we’ve been inseparable ever since! He quickly became my boyfriend, fiancé, and now husband of almost six months! We don’t waste any time! He LOVES all things Chicago Cubs, lazy afternoons watching cartoons, the summer sun and his puppies. His smile is the sweetest things I have ever seen and he’s the glue that holds my whole world together. He’s the perfect husband, friend and second shooter tagging along when ever I need him most.

Our Pups, we have the oddest combination of a large German Shepherd named Wrigley and Rory our fat little pug. Wrigley loves to play fetch with her Frisbee while Rory prefers naps on the couch. They love going to grandma’s, running wild at the dog park and cuddling in bed. They are our doggie children and this is my family.