Ryan + Holly // Summer Wedding

There are just some people when they come into your life you click right away and know they are your kind of person. For Holly and I it only took moments. We first met almost three years ago at Lake of the Woods in Mahomet for their family session. We had a blast together! Her witty personality and fun Jersey accent had me laughing the entire time. Her gorgeous blonde daughters and at the time long time boyfriend of 13 years and she said “Hey I like you want to be our wedding photographer” YES! From there we have had many more family sessions and I had the honor of capturing Ryan + Holly say I do! They have build a beautiful life together full of fun and constant laughter. Holly was the most relaxed bride wanting the day to be about her most intimate friends coming together to celebrate their life together. Never in the 7 years of being a wedding photographer have I had the honor of while working sitting at the head table next to the bride! When Holly saw I didn’t have a seat she pulled one up right next to her and insisted I sit with her, I mean really really insisted. That is just who Holly is. Holly, I am thrilled to be your family photographer but also your friend. I love capturing your family and watching your girls grow. Beyond one of my favorite 2018 weddings!

Florist: Watercan Designs