Our twins // Family Photos // Noblesville, Indiana

Our sweet baby girls are 18 months old!! We actually took these photos on Easter Day a few months back. What I actually remember about Easter this year is how hard and disappointing it was. The girls were both so sick which for Grace our medically fragile kiddo means total panic for both her parents and around the clock treatments. In an effort for Grace not to catch the terrible coughing, runny nose Charlotte had we separated them for days. Charlotte and I packed our bags and moved in with my parents down the road for a few days and Brian and Grace stayed home. I was of course running back and forth trying to help with both babies and a few days later Grace despite all our efforts still got sick. On Easter we missed church because of fevers and lack of sleep and just barely drug our sour attitudes to Easter dinner at my moms.

I of course still wanted them to wear those Easter dresses and take cute photos…so we did. And you know what? I am so glad we did! I never for one moment want to forget any season of parenting. I never want to forget the sleepless nights, the runny noses and the photo session that didn’t go as planned. I count it all as JOY. I actually love looking back at these photos and seeing Grace’s runny nose and goopy eyes. I am flooded with memories of sweet sick cuddles and hours of reading books to help her forget. I am reminded that it goes by oh so slow while you are in it but goes by terribly fast otherwise. I want them to stay little and in this moment forever and since I can’t have that wish granted I will always photograph them in every season of life to remember and to celebrate the ups and the downs.