Black Iris Estate Wedding

Stretched across 13 acres lies Black Iris Estate, a chic and polished wedding venue in Carmel Indiana.

Black Iris Estate’s original construction dates back to 1940, when it was crafted as a private home. At the time, the estate resided on River Road, before being moved to its current address. Once the home was moved, an 8,000-square-foot ballroom was attached to the back of the mansion.

Black Iris Estate Wedding

To enter Black Iris Estate is to step back into a time long past. A time when stately homes with proper drawing rooms were prevalent, and white glove service was the expectation for the evening’s dinner service. Today, the sprawling estate home turned elegant wedding venue welcomes couples who wish to celebrate their memories with an air of the past. All with a dash of modern revelry.

Morgan and Christoper’s classic wedding took place at Black Iris Estate. It was a fall celebration accented by deep blue tones and the love of their family and friends. The bride and groom have known one another since high school, in fact, they were high school best friends.

But it wasn’t until years later that their relationship took a turn into something deeper and more meaningful. When the time was right, Christopher was ready to pop the question, in a way that Morgan would never forget. The proposal happened on Morgan’s birthday, Christoper tied a ring around the collar of Morgan’s dog and took her into their backyard where he asked for her hand in marriage. From there, the couple embarked on their wedding planning journey which brought about their day at Black Iris Estate. 

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Morgan and Christopher’s wedding ceremony took place in the Willow Chapel. An enchanting black steel structure that is open to the surrounding elements. The al fresco ceremony site gives way to the sounds of the towering trees and the crunch of leaves underfoot. Located deep on the grounds of the estate, a stone path leads the way to the whimsical space where vows are recited and two shall become one.

For Morgan and Christopher, the excitement of their day lay heavily in the celebration. The celebration of their love, the celebration of embarking on their new lives together, and the celebration of warmth from those that surrounded them. Their wedding at Black Iris Estate was filled with those tender moments. But it was also filled with laughter, and the inescapable air of jubilance. To see all the tender moments of Morgan and Christopher’s wedding, scroll through the photos below.