Our Little Family | 2 Year Old Twin Girls

As a wedding and family photographer I take pictures of my girls ALL the time. We try to do a session of them about every 3 months. I honestly have more photos of them than I know what to do with. Our house is covered in physical prints from small to extra large.

Here is the thing about taking photos…you never ever regret having them. Its a little piece of this particular season of their lives perfectly frozen to always have and remember. Brian and I will look back through photos on our phones and recall memories of “remember how they use to always do …” those memories are already getting harder to recall and farther away. Pictures of your kiddos are so precious! They will never stop growing and changing. They won’t be kids for long (all the tears) Photos help us recall our memories and freeze our children in their precious baby stages. Photos give you something to physically treasure when the years have past. To all the Mama’s out there…Take More Photos!!! You will simply never regret it!

Our summer family session was taken by Sami Renee Photography