Lilly House and Gardens Engagement Photos

Lilly House and Gardens is a magical setting for engagement photos, especially during the summer months. Lauren and Trevor were planning a wedding in Buffalo, NY but planned their engagement photos here in Indianapolis. I was overjoyed to work with them and Lilly House and Gardens was an amazing backdrop for capturing this moment in their journey to be married.

There is something truly special about the Lilly House and Gardens. The historic country estate beckons an air of romance. Paired with the morning glow of the summer sun and the sweet smell of the landscape, it is an undeniable choice location to host a wedding, but also for engagement photos in Indianapolis.

When I met with Lauren and Trevor they came to their engagement session in summer chic attire. Lauren wore a watercolor print floral tea-length gown with a pair of block-heel strappy sandals. She was effortlessly elegant, with a glow about her that was brought out by the elements of the season. Trevor wore a white button-down polo shirt with a pair of crisp khakis. Again proving that the look for your engagement session can be effortlessly elegant.

When working with my couples on their engagement photos, I always recommend they bring along a change of attire. Changing from a more laid-back or effortless look into one that comes across as formal, creates a range in your engagement photos. It’s amazing how a quick dress change can give your photos new life. Allowing us to play with the backdrops in the space around us and take your moments in front of the camera from walking hand in hand across a field on a summer afternoon, to enjoying a romantic moment with your person.

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Once Lauren and Trevor changed into their second outfit for the shoot, I wanted to draw out the romance in their relationship. In addition to adding depth and range to your engagement photos, an outfit change is also a kind of interlude. A brief moment amidst your shoot when you’ve already warmed up in front the camera. Furthermore, allowing you to come back and relish the final moments of your session, in each other’s arms.

We continued our stroll around Lilly House and Gardens while Lauren and Trevor leaned into the final captures of their engagement photos. They were side by side, hand in hand, and cheek to cheek. If by chance they had any apprehensions about being in front of the camera, they certainly didn’t show. They were natural, and at home in each other’s arms. In fact, once we wrapped their engagement session and I delivered the final images, I was overjoyed to hear back from Lauren and Trevor. They loved their photos so much that they asked me to capture their wedding in Buffalo! With a doubt or a moment’s hesitation, I said yes, and I was there to capture the moment when they took the step from engaged couple to husband and wife.

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